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How Green can a Car Repair Shop Be?

Green Business Award

Woo Hoo!! Cowichan Auto Repair is a finalist in this year’s Green Business Award through the Black Tie Awards hosted by the Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce. We are humbled by this nomination and thought this would be a good opportunity to tell our customers a little more about the Green initiatives here at Cowichan Auto Repair.

We are Green for the benefit of everyone and the planet

Go GreenWe offer courtesy rides for our customers to and from the shop and as in a 2020 Honda Clarity. This is Honda’s PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) – able to be plugged in and recharged while going up to 76 km on the electric engine alone. That means you could drive to Victoria with an ultra-low carbon footprint! (We will be hosting a contest to give this new member of the family a name – stay tuned for a chance to win, and start brainstorming now!)

Some of our loaner vehicles are Hybrids and a full electric vehicle (EV). so people can get comfortable with the future of vehicle transportation.

Being aware of our carbon footprint as a car shop is important to us. To remain a carbon-neutral company, we purchase carbon offset credits both from the CSA Group as well as Gold Standard UN Certified International Carbon Offsets. The nature of our business means we are using gasoline, energy, and hydropower to run our shop – buying carbon credits is the responsible way for us to mitigate our footprint, and keep the planet Green.

We also use BullFrog Power – a Canadian company that offsets our “traditional” energy usage (energy from non-renewable sources) by adding a kWh of renewable energy onto the grid for every kWh of non-renewable energy used at Cowichan Auto Repair.

Cowichan Auto Repair is also a dry shop – meaning we have no drains for automotive fluids – instead, all of the fluids, including used engine oil, used coolant, and other dirty fluids are taken to proper recycling plants. Starting in 2018 we made small but significant changes, such as upgrading to motion sensor LED lights, upgrading to a more efficient heating system (heat pump) 79% reduction in electricity and recycling any and all recyclable materials that we use at the shop if we can’t reduce our usage first or reuse the materials.

Keeping our shop as Green as possible is only half of our mandate – we also want to keep our customers as Green as possible. Cowichan Auto Repair is the only shop on Vancouver Island that offers hybrid battery repairs and reconditioning. Hybrid vehicles use anywhere from ¼ – ⅓ the amount of gas that non-hybrid vehicles use, and by offering these services we are not only making buying, owning, and maintaining a hybrid easier, we are also keeping hybrid batteries out of the landfill by reconditioning them so that they can be reused, or sending them to be properly recycled.

We offer hyper-mile tune-ups for gas and diesel vehicles, a service that adjusts the tuning of your vehicle’s various systems to allow for maximum fuel efficiency, as well as low rolling resistance tires – which allow for better fuel efficiency.

We carry and install TrackSafe GPS systems, which have motion sensors built in that encourage better driving habits resulting in better fuel economy of the vehicle, as well as allow for better route planning, and thus better fuel economy.

CAR has also gone “paperless” for our customers so we can email them their bill instead of printing it off for them.

We know that when it comes to being Green, there’s always more that you can do. Taking the first few steps is often the hardest part of the change to accomplish.

Always striving to make Cowichan Auto Repair the Greenest automotive shop it can be.

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