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Free Vehicle Recalls and Car Safety

Car Recall

Car RecallCowichan Auto Repair offers free recall notices to all our customers.

According to a recent CBC News investigation, there are millions of vehicles with potentially dangerous recalls on Canadian roads. Approximately one in six Canadian vehicles have open recalls for defects that could, if left unfixed lead to crashes, injuries, or death. There’s no federal or provincial legislation preventing used car dealerships from selling vehicles with open recalls, meaning the used car you just bought could very well have known issues that haven’t been dealt with. Also, none of the provinces currently mandate that an open recall be repaired prior to a change of registration and provincial safely inspections don’t require open recalls to be fixed.

Passenger vehicle safety-related recalls have increased by 74% over the last six years going from one-hundred and thirty-three (133) in 2010 to two-hundred and thirty-two (232) in 2015. Over five million passenger vehicles were effected by 2015 recalls alone, a hefty portion of the approximately 22 million cars and light trucks on Canadian roads.

Many Canadian car owners simply don’t know that their vehicles have open recall notifications. A recent Transport Canada report to the Auditor General claimed that many car manufacturers have had difficulties identifying and contacting the owners of recalled vehicles, particularly in the case of older cars and trucks that have changed hands several times. This despite the fact that, under Canadian law, vehicle manufacturers are required to notify owners when there is a recall. Additionally, they must repair and report their completion rates to Transport Canada. However, unlike the United States, Canadian completion rates are not made part of the public record.

Recall AlertWhat does this mean for you as a car owner? It means that there is a high probability that your car or truck may have an open safety recall notification. That’s why Cowichan Auto Repair enters all of our customers into the CARFAX database, letting us know of any outstanding recall or safety notifications, and also ensuring that you will be notified of those that may be issued in future.

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