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Radiator & Cooling Systems Service & Repair

Radiator Cooling Systems Service RepairYour vehicle’s radiator and cooling system serve to keep your car’s engine temperature within working limits. A normal engine can produce combustion temperatures in excess of 1,000° C. That’s a lot of heat to deal with. If your engine is running hotter than normal, or you find antifreeze (coolant) pooled under your vehicle, it’s probably time to stop by Cowichan Auto Repair and let one of our highly qualified mechanics take a look.

Without a properly functioning cooling system, heat levels produced by your car’s engine are great enough to damage components within the engine itself. The head gasket can blow or an aluminum head can warp. The engines itself can seize. All of these are big ticket repairs that can usually be avoided with regular cooling system maintenance.

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You can count on Cowichan Auto Repair to help keep your car’s cooling system operating safely and efficiently and avoid preventable repair expenses. We recommend you have your coolant replaced according to your car’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system and radiator and can help avoid costly repair services, and engine overheating.

Common cooling/radiator system services include:

  • Cooling System Flush and Fill
  • Cooling System Pressure Test
  • Radiator Replacement

The comprehensive cooling system service also includes checking, testing, and inspecting the following:

  • Radiator coolant levels
  • Radiator for antifreeze leaks or damage
  • Air conditioner’s interior vent temperature
  • Heating and cooling system controls and blower
  • Hoses
  • Cooling system pressure compared to manufacturer specifications
  • Air conditioner’s pressure cap
  • Thermostat
  • Compressor belt

Radiator & Cooling Systems Frequently Asked Questions

When should I flush my radiator?
As with most things, always adhere to the radiator flush intervals listed in your owner’s manual.
The engine-cooling fan comes on a lot. Should I be worried?
No, your engine-cooling fan is programmed by your engine’s computer and may always run when the A/C is on.
What maintenance requirements should I adhere to so my radiator keeps working well?
Having your cooling system flushed on or before your manufacturer’s schedule is the best way to protect your radiator.
What does it mean when I smell a sweet maple-syrup-like smell when I am driving?
It’s most likely due to steam in your cabin, which most of the time is caused by the heater core. The heater core is a small radiator in the dash that makes the heat you feel inside your car.
Does running my air conditioner in the summer keep my engine from overheating?
No, in fact, your engine works harder to keep cool when the car’s A/C is on.
How do I know if my coolant needs to be refilled?
Check your coolant (antifreeze) reservoir when your engine temperature is in it’s normal operation range. There is usually a line indicating the fill level.

Whether you need a coolant flush and refill, radiator repair, water pump replacement, or any other engine cooling component service, we’ve got you covered at Cowichan Auto Repair.

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