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September 21, 2018
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Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Hey, this is Elly. Today’s blog is all about drinking and driving and how this affects us all. Most of us have heard of horrific accidents involving driving and alcohol. I recall accidents where innocent people were seriously injured and even died. Our society has become much more aware of substance abuse and operating a vehicle. The fines are higher with some resulting in loss of license and even prison time.

What is MADD Canada?

MADDMADD Canada is an organization that stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. An estimated 65,000 Canadians are affected by intoxicated drivers annually. There are two major priorities of MADD. The first priority is to stop the driving of impaired people. The second priority is to help and offer support to the victims of this horrible crime.

So far, MADD has been a story of success. Created in 1989, there has been a countless number of lives saved from drunk driving. It’s impossible to know the exact number of peoples lives who were saved by MADD Canada’s public awareness campaigns. We can’t forget about the support that MADD Canada offers to people who have been affected by drunk driving. Between 1982 and 2013, 42,526 people’s lives were saved on record thanks to this organization. MADD Canada is made up of over 7500 volunteers and over 100 community Leaders and Chapters.

The Red Ribbon Project has been a long-time campaign in raising public awareness of driving under the influence. Red Ribbons are placed at the collision sites in remembrance of those who have been killed by impaired drivers. This campaign is still such a smart and strong way to send a powerful message to raise awareness of driving intoxicated.

MADD is a well known organization.MADD’s website has a total of 4,450,000 page views and 730,000 unique visits. Approximately 400,000 pieces of mail are sent annually to MADD’s supporters. One million students in grades 7-12, have seen MADD Canada’s School Assembly Program on an annual basis.

What MADD Canada Does

Drunk DrivingMADD Canada is an organization run by volunteers. Its charitable work includes services and programs to help victims of impaired driving. MADD particularly raises public awareness of this matter to youths and active Community Leaders along with Chapters. MADD also does research regarding the legalities of driving under the influence. It also supports any technology development in anti-impaired driving.

If you are someone or know of someone who has been affected by an impaired driver, please do not hesitate to contact MADD Canada for support. Each year, MADD Canada helps and offers services to approximately 20,000 victims and survivors.

For more information please contact MADD Canada.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving – MADD Canada


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