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Hybrid Battery Replacement and Reconditioning

Hybrid Battery RepairCowichan Auto Repair is Vancouver Island’s only hybrid vehicle battery repair and reconditioning shop and, we are passionate about hybrid cars and batteries, we are passionate about giving our customers the best service possible through transparency and reliability. Our mission is to provide hybrid vehicle owners the best quality products and services available on the market today at an affordable price. The average hybrid battery replacement costs $5000 to $7000 at the dealerships. At Cowichan Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on offering more affordable options, including reconditioning.

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Hybrid Battery Services – Battery Repairs & Rebuilds

Your hybrid battery is actually a collection of hundreds of smaller batteries in packs.

Stage 1: Diagnostic Scan – $129 – You night not need a battery.

Stage 2: Battery Replacement – Reconditioned replacement battery installed in 1/2 day $1675 for Prius, $1975 for Camry. New for Prius is $4000. New for Camry is $5000.

Honda rebuilt battery Installed is $2600, or $4,000 new better new installed, and 1-day shop visit vs $5000 dealer pricing than dealers.

30-day warranty 100%, up to 1 year 50% on reconditioned batteries. 1 year full warranty on all new batteries.


At Cowichan Auto Repair:  Computerized balancing and matching of Cell Modules. Real World load testing of battery pack. We are constantly optimizing, streamlining and enhancing the way we test, repair or rebuild hybrid batteries. We like to stay ahead of the curve on the latest products, tools or systems to help your batteries perform better and last longer than ever before.

Prius Battery

Toyota Prius Battery

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

Battery Reconditioning: A Revolutionary Technology

Most of hybrid & electric vehicles at some point will experience battery deterioration. It is normal and natural process, like brake or tire wear. Deterioration will influence power, gas mileage and overall performance of your hybrid. When battery state is critical, vehicle will experience all kinds of warning lights on the dashboard and in some cases it may not be derivable at all. At Cowichan Auto Repair we have the technology to restore your battery closer to its original performance.

Why Cowichan Auto Repair – Hybrid Service?

If you take your vehicle to the dealership with these symptoms, the only solution offered by the dealer will be to replace the battery. The average cost of of battery replacement is between $5,000 and $10.000. With Cowichan Auto Repair’s battery conditioning and overhaul technology we can save up to 70% of battery replacement value which means a difference of thousands of dollars.

Battery Conditioning and Overhaul at Cowichan Auto Repair Hybrid – Save our environment.

Many of you bought a hybrid vehicle because you were concerned about the environment and wanted to have a positive impact. Sadly, today many of our old hybrid batteries are ending up in landfills, something that simply has to stop if we’re truly care about the environment. By reconditioning or overhauling your battery, you will not only save significant money, but also reduce the amount of potentially toxic waste that ends up in our landfills.

Duncan Hybrid Battery Replacement and Reconditioning FAQ’s

We've seen DIY videos online on how to replace cells in the battery pack. Is it safe to do so?
Hybrid batteries are extremely dangerous. The high voltage circuit can be as high as 350v. We do not recommend anybody attempting to open the battery pack unless they are high voltage certified technicians. It may result in serious injury or death.
My Prius has a red triangle warning on the dash. Do I need a new hybrid battery?
Typically the “red triangle of death” is a hybrid battery warning but can also be a low oil pressure warning. Check oil level first and top off if low. If the oil level is fine we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a code scan. Toyota codes P0A80 or P3000 usually indicate an issue with the hybrid battery.
My Honda has an IMA light on the dash. Does that mean I need a new hybrid battery?
Typically the IMA warning on the dash means that there is an issue with the hybrid system. Usually P0A7F or P1570 indicate an issue with the hybrid battery itself. We recommend bringing your vehicle in for a code scan.
How long does it take to replace the hybrid battery?
Typically, we provide same day service depending on the vehicle. After we have replaced the battery, reset the software and road tested the vehicle you will be ready to go in less than an hour.
What do I need to do with my old battery?
We will take your old battery with us and recycle it for the next client. This process keeps the cost of our battery packs low and prevents the batteries from ending up in a land fill. If you would like to keep your old battery we would need to charge an additional core charge.


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